Favorite Audio

Sonic Advance: Angel Island Video Game Song
FL4 - Electric de Chocobo Video Game Song
FFVII Battle Theme - Acapella Video Game Song
SSJ3-Goku4567 - FF7 Boss Theme Video Game Song
FFVII March: Jenova Absolute Video Game Song
Mustache Rides (preview) Heavy Metal Song
Cammy-Street Fighter Video Game Song
SSJ3-Goku4567 - Jenova Take 2 Video Game Song
[JC] Paralysis Trance Song
Super Mario Land (Punk Cover) Punk Song
Project XeRa6 Heavy Metal Song
Castlevania Metal - Sasha T Video Game Song
Groovy Summer General Rock Song
~EnV~ Battle Cry Classical Song
Double Dragon 2 - Final Battle Video Game Loop
Sky Ocean Ambient Song
At the Edge of Night Miscellaneous Song
Flute Concerto no. 1 2nd mvnt Classical Song
Summer Solace {durn} House Song
Acoustic Soul L.X R&B Song
Ya voz'mu sam - Latin version World Song
Ya voz'mu sam - Metal version Heavy Metal Song
JBI - I'm on my way Classical Song
Mike Tyson's Punchout - Medley Video Game Song
YuYu Metal Heavy Metal Song
IYD - powermetal (w/o vocals) Heavy Metal Song
Our Invaders - Hania Miscellaneous Song
(8BIT) Thriller Video Game Song
Will of the Strong Heavy Metal Song
Aguilera's genie (metal remix) Heavy Metal Song
Remember the Killings Finished Heavy Metal Song
In The Dragon's Den - SX Cover Heavy Metal Song
Symbiosis Towermonolith take General Rock Song
Gift of the Creator - Monolith Heavy Metal Song
Street Fighter II: Ken's Stage Heavy Metal Song
Super Mario Piano Ragtime Video Game Song
Final Fantasy VII Theme Video Game Song
Unreal Tournament 2003 Metal Heavy Metal Song
Sonic The Hedgehog: Star Light Video Game Song
Pleasant Obstruction Heavy Metal Song
Parasite God Heavy Metal Song
Evil-Dog - Punk in Metropolis Punk Song
ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow Drum N Bass Song
Metal Ashes Heavy Metal Song
Misirlou (Acapella) Miscellaneous Song
Dawn of Benevolence Classical Song
~The Girl From Memory Planet~ Miscellaneous Song
Ultima Eternus - Part IV - A Heavy Metal Song
Tetris Remix [Final] Video Game Song
Airman vs. Monsteropolis Video Game Song
Kryptonite (Acapella) Miscellaneous Song
Escape is futile Heavy Metal Song
Sonic2 - Casino Night Zone Video Game Song
5ive style Jazz Song
Mario's Elevator Video Game Song
Inu Yasha: The Movie Trailer Voice Demo Song
TomaMoto Voice Demo 2008 Voice Demo Song
Turn of the Ages Heavy Metal Song
Left To The Wolves Classical Song
Eyes Of The Cemetary Heavy Metal Song
Final Countdown (DnB Remix) Drum N Bass Loop
Enter The Temple Of Time Video Game Song
Failed Love Classical Song
Mario Mix for Piano Video Game Song
Rig - Zombies in Space! Video Game Loop
Generic 70's Cop Show Music Funk Loop
The Titty Ditty Country Song
Reasoner- 2,327 Miles Classical Song
-=[ Discovery ]=- Miscellaneous Song
Head First Into A Wall Jazz Song
Sunny day! Miscellaneous Song
Good Morning, Moon Pop Song
>: Street of rage :< Video Game Song
>: The Flying Battery :< Video Game Song
The Extremist (cover) General Rock Song
>:Bebop Jam:< Jazz Song
Super Mario World - Intro Video Game Song
Super Mario Bros - Underwater Video Game Song
Smart Violins Version 2 Video Game Song
Rayman - Band Land Video Game Song
Zelda - Zelda Medley Video Game Song
0:00 AM Video Game Song
Super Mario World - Underwater Video Game Song
Sonic 2: Casino Night Zone Video Game Song
Fighting - Remake (FF7) Video Game Song
Rucklo - Empirical WIP Miscellaneous Song
IYD - I'm yours remake Heavy Metal Song
Flying Heaven (Street Fighter) Video Game Song
Decisive Metal - FF VI Heavy Metal Song
Fuck Your Real Guitar - PGM Heavy Metal Song
One Winged Angel (Metal) Heavy Metal Song
Super Mario World Ghost Remix Heavy Metal Song
Stranger Than Sci Fi Pop Song
[Dud] Heroic Legend HQ Classical Song
Gathering Storm Classical Song