Entry #126

I'm going to be a dad!!!!!

2017-12-17 22:42:01 by Metaljonus

That's right! My beautiful wife and I are expecting our first child! Ryan Santiago will be here in June 2018 and we are super stoked! In other awesome news, I am currently working on music/sound fx/voice acting for an indie game that will be released in a year or so and it will be released on steam so I will be making updates periodically on that. So, sorry for the lack of music! I've been really busy with my band, the game, and making a baby ;) Expect more tunes to come and more activity for sure next year! Peace out! 







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2017-12-18 02:12:00

Hell yea, it's gonna be a brand new world man. Glad you're stoked for it.

Metaljonus responds:

Oh dude, it is! All I know is i'm looking forward to it and really looking forward to teaching him music and guitar down the road when he's of age! Probably 5 years old? lol


2017-12-18 07:22:11

Holy shit, awesome man. All the best n' such.

Metaljonus responds:

Thank you!! :)


2017-12-18 11:53:45


Metaljonus responds:

Thank you!


2017-12-18 16:43:21


Working on an indie game, managing a band, and taking care of a baby sounds like a lot of work. You've got everything handled, right? :o

Metaljonus responds:

Haha it does sound like a lot but it comes back to working hard and creating a better future for my kiddo! :)


2017-12-18 17:40:28

Congratulations! :D

Metaljonus responds:

Thank you! :)


2017-12-19 04:44:47

awww grats dude :)

Metaljonus responds:



2017-12-19 12:02:13

oh wow congrats


2017-12-19 12:47:48

let us know when she starts breast feeding

Metaljonus responds:

Hahaha I'll make sure to take a pic. Not.


2017-12-21 23:46:56

DUDE. Congrats to the two of you!

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks dude!


2017-12-30 12:53:44

Congrats, cuz. Metaljonus jr.