Loss of Inspiration

2009-07-22 22:23:44 by Metaljonus

Lately I've been recording VG themes mainly to work on my mixing and mastering and trying different genres of music. So when it comes to original pieces I feel like I've lost inspiration. Could it be due to current events in my life? or having no life? or its just one of those things that happens every now and then. Its like I don't even want to play my guitar anymore that or really care. What do you do when you have lost inspiration to create music or play the instrument you love so much?



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2009-07-22 22:25:49

It's just a phase. You'll get through it. Although sometimes it takes a few months.


2009-07-22 23:30:33

Make a song about it. :)


2009-07-23 00:49:40

I go through that every once and a while. Mine right now is do to not having a working drum set. And I'm getting married in a few months. I just put my guitar down and play video games until I have this sudden urge to go write something new. Which, like CowGoMoo said, can take a few months.


2009-07-23 08:51:16

same here, i used to love playing guitar and making music all the time (not that i was any good at it)

now i just feel like its not my thing anymore

i think its mainly due to the fact that lots of bad stuff has happened recently

if i were you Jon i would take a break from music music for while and try and find something else you enjoy for the time being

try and find something new that inspires you or just see how trying differnt genres goes?

hope all goes well


2009-07-24 01:14:07

Always remember you inspire hundreds of people and that you're a freakin NG legend...fight through your phase and continue to make music. we all go through it.