2009-08-05 16:03:27 by Metaljonus
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Since I maxed out on uploads here is another sweet lick.

Here is another pretty neat lick that deals with an 2 note per string run followed up by an descending arpeggio. You could either pick the first part of use hammer on's. Once again the audio is played fast,slow, then with a progression behind it to give you an idea of what it would sound like musically. Remember I am tuned to D standard but the lick applies to any tuning. Any questions feel free to pm me!

mp3 xSkhaMHc5RmFGa1E9PQ
Tab SkhkRkVsMHgzZUE9PQ

Have fun!



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2009-08-05 21:34:27

Just learned it!

It works beautifully with an instrumental I'm writing too, I hope you don't mind if I use it.


2009-08-06 06:42:54

Haha, just ignore my review on your first lesson, I thought it would be a good idea to post a tab to review but it totally failed :)

Also, here's a pretty good song with awesome licks, might be worth listening: n/_/Django


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