2009-08-08 16:21:11 by Metaljonus

I watched this documentary called "Global Metal", which is about how Heavy Metal has effected people's lives around the world. I you have'nt seen it go on youtube and watch it or just download it. It is a pretty interesting documentary. So with that said here is my question. How has music itself (wither its metal, punk, pop. blues, or that other shit) effect you life and what does it mean to you? K go!



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2009-08-08 23:39:02

well has done alot for people and it has destroyed people. music is powerful. and to me, positive lyrics and a awesome sound defines it for me. one example...crush 40 in 1999 up to 2004...very uplifting stuff...while some bands or groups like NWA or chimara give off a negative influence and some people follow sounds good but it's not really something to follow, ya know? i guess what i'm trying to say is music means everything...and it can mean nothing, but it can make or break a person...


2009-08-10 20:28:03


Thrash metal is the shit.
I've been listening to metal since maybe the age of 10?
Music really just chills me out when I'm stressing and that kinda shit.
Really, I couldn't live without metal...
And the best thing is, there's different music for different emotions.
When you're pissed, you can blast some really heavy shit and get all the anger out while punching walls or whatever floats your boat.

You know, shit like that.
And I guess I'm just glad I didn't end up liking gay pussy boy bands or some shit.

Keep rockin'.