Entry #117

[VIDEO] Funbagz solo section!

2012-07-02 20:52:13 by Metaljonus

Hey fellow newgrounders here is a short clip of me playing the solo section for my song Funbagz check it out! Let me know what you think!



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2012-07-03 08:07:06

Cool! I also like your Stewie Shirt.


2012-07-03 14:07:13

Cool to SEE it, you make it look easy, bitch.. haha. I hate you <3


2012-07-04 06:16:29

dah Bad-Man said enough, bitch ! ^^


2012-07-04 14:36:19

Nice work! :D


2012-08-30 16:41:57

You are freakin DANGEROUS with a guitar man!
*bows down*


2012-09-24 16:25:55

wowI hope you made the full song....You blow my mind when you make something new.


2012-10-16 10:53:01

Broseph, you need to get your hands registered as lethal weapons. You are going to give someone a heart attack with your playing one day. Make sure to steer clear of any retirement homes, and Denny's restaurants for fear of hurting the elderly.

Thank you,