Entry #120

Hey guys! New music and video is up!

2013-05-22 19:22:34 by Metaljonus

Hello everyone! Just want to let you all know that I have a few newer tracks up called "Mumunchies" and "Frontier". Give them a listen and review! If you're a metal head like myself I am sure you will dig them. If you're new to the metal scene still give them a listen who knows maybe you'll like them :D I also made a little play through video of "Frontier" so check that out! Thanks again for reading and listening!




And another for shits and giggles! To Smoke is to Ascend


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2013-05-23 10:24:08

Bad Ass! You nailed it man! Keep going with your music - it is the best heavy metal I heard all month!
I'm looking forward for your future projects.

Rock on!


Metaljonus responds:

Thanks Kronix0!


2013-05-23 21:09:48

Bad ass. You one mean looking motherfucker! haha. Definitely a suuuper rad song! Will review it, when not on my laptop, so I can give you mixing pointers. BWAHAHA. I kid. Cheers though, man. Bad fucking ass. I have to get on doing these actual vid things while I'm still young ish looking!! Rad shit brother.

Metaljonus responds:

lol thanks dude! I still can't figure out why the volume of the audio on the video is so low. The song itself is pretty loud. Anyways thanks for watch mang!


2013-05-24 10:46:28

man, that's fucking sick. as expected haha. you make that shit look fucking easy. bitch. and yes, i do dig the shirt


2013-07-23 00:24:54

Dude, what's going on?! That shit was TIGHT!!!