Entry #122

New Video!

2014-03-20 14:54:49 by Metaljonus

Hello everyone! How are things? Good I hope :D I recently made a song called "Nusexy" which can be found on my audio page here on Newgrounds. I also recently made a video for that song. It took me like 20 takes lol but it was worth it! Check out it on my youtube page and subscribe and share! I am also working on an ep which will be out in a few months. So I will keep everyone updated on that! I hope you enjoy the video and my dorkiness! haha! 

-Jon Santiago




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2014-03-20 15:06:20

Fucking great \m/

Metaljonus responds:

Thanks dude! :D


2014-03-20 15:07:54

Oh and congratulations haha :d
Cheers mate!

Metaljonus responds:



2014-03-20 16:32:46

Fucking KILLER mang.
And the stache...holy fuck man...I can't even tell you how awesome!!! I just want to call you metalgringo! hahaha...
Awesome stuff, brother. Good luck with the marriage!! Congrats. :)

Gonna play this on the radio show tonight, by the way.

Metaljonus responds:

lol thanks dude! The beard is back and the stache is gone! hahahaha! Thanks for the luck I don't need it lol She's the love of my life so i'm happy as fuck! Thanks for playing it on your show dude! :D