Entry #123

Two New Metal Songs!

2014-05-07 20:13:32 by Metaljonus

HELLLO EVERYONE! Sorry for yelling hehe I recently posted two new tracks "New Frontier" and "Them or Us" for your ear pussies to enjoy. It would be most awesome of you all to swing on by ol' Jon Jon's page and give them a listen! If anyone has music they want reviewed or artwork or anything! I would be happy to check it out. I am always lurking on newgrounds for new music and art. So feel free to share! These tracks are some what old. I've just been a lazy ass and forgot to upload them haha. It happens right? It's a collabartion with my friend Justin Osburn. He pretty much recorded and produced his own vocals to my tracks. I love them and am really looking forward to working with him again. But we're both so busy being sexy mofo's we'll get around to it someday lol. Anways here are the links and like I said hit me up if you want an honest review! Thanks for your time! :D 


New Frontier


Them or Us



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