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I'm back and it feels good!

Posted by Metaljonus - November 6th, 2016

1639117_147845452491_1910.38.01.jpgHello, everyone! How is everyone??? It's been a while and I've been doing some writing again and it's been a while. This is the first track I've ever used VST amp sims and impulses. Pretty cool stuff, I still got to get used to it and really find that sound and a solid mix but it's all a work in progress lol.

This is an idea I've been messing around with for a few weeks now. Been busy with some new musical projects and looking forward to releasing some of that stuff soon! I really want to start posting on Newgrounds some more and start getting back in the groove of doing some more video game metal remixes. If you guys have any requests or ideas let me know! 

Expect some more stuff in the near future! Solo stuff and band stuff as well! I'm looking forward to showing everyone what I've been working on for the past year! Thanks for taking the time to jam my stuff and for the support throughout the years off and on lol.


SONG LINK:http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/711465 







Comments (5)

Damn, homeboy, I haven't seen your username in years. Took me a few seconds to recognise. Welcome back.

Thanks man! Ive been posting off and on but im ready to go full force again!

Dude, it's been forever. How've you been? Can't wait to see what new stuff you'll bring to the table!

Right! I've been good man, just busy as hell lol but expect new stuff soon! :D

Great to have you back, man! Still occasionally find your older stuff in my playlists.

I saw you do a review for one of DanJohansen's songs.
I noticed you've got your own roster of songs I'll have to check out.
I love the shirt btw where'd you buy one?

Ah, me and Dan are old pals lol and I have a good amount of tunes dating back from 2006-2017 lol so I've been on here for a good while. And as for the shirt I don't know. I stole it from a friend hahahaha

That's what has me stoked!
You've got ten years of music and I haven't even noticed.
Been listening to some of it last night and that's some bone-crunching, face-smashing technique you've got.
Are you in a band?

Cool dude! I am in a band but we are still in the process of recording and all that. Look us up on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/theultimatekaioken/