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I'm back/new song!

2009-04-04 13:04:04 by Metaljonus

Sup everyone i'm back and here to kick some ass. I have a bunch of new music and video game remakes I've been working on these past few months and will post the shit outta em so keep checking back and if anyone it up for some collabin hit me up.




2008-11-21 06:13:42 by Metaljonus /188748


2008-10-12 21:39:51 by Metaljonus

I just did a new collab with my friends danny and shane so check it out here at /179111


2008-09-27 02:44:35 by Metaljonus

Hey peeps here are some videos of me playing some music and such. CHECK IT OUT IN AWE!

links! Nj28 RQ_4 9aC8 UD1A h5v8 ucGs&feature=related

Metal Backing Track!

2008-08-30 02:14:26 by Metaljonus

Check out my metal backing track, its fun,fast,fast,fun. Give it a whirl!

New/old songs

2008-08-15 03:42:46 by Metaljonus

I will be uploading some old songs that I found on my harddrive for everyone to check out so bare with what I did lol!


2008-08-07 03:31:07 by Metaljonus

Check out a song I recorded like 3 years ago! its called "eternal darkness"

please a review or comment

if you got some new shit let me know

I'll listen and review.



2008-07-26 00:31:52 by Metaljonus

Listen to it .....please?

I quit

2008-07-06 18:05:40 by Metaljonus

So I quit Noumenon( the band I was in) I had a good time I suppose....but I ended it pretty ugly I guess, i'm not the one to really think before I say things so i'm an asshole. I just got tired of going no where really. But I wish them the best and thats that.

I'm drunk wooooo!!!!!

2008-06-18 22:51:34 by Metaljonus

I'm drunk and just wanted to say I fucking love everyone on newgrounds(even the 0 votes who are cunts lmao! ) thanks for listening to my music and letting me fucking jam out with bad man,projectgodmode and more to come I hope! this website keeps me thriving to make more music! I promise to do about 3 or 4 more sonic tunes. I just got to get myself settled so just wait I guess ahahahahah. but I love you all! If ya'll want to jam on your song(s) hit me up! NEWGROUNDS IS THE SHIT! THANK YOU EVERYONE AND TOM FOR MAKING SUCH A GREAT SITE!