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Fucking ear is killing me!

2009-06-24 00:16:14 by Metaljonus

So I got a fucking a pretty bad ear infection and I just finally fixed my guitar. I can play and all that but I am not 100% and that sucks...anyway I think I found a clean vocalist for the opeth cover every fucking retarded person this site is zero bombing along with my other tunes haha. I am working on a few new covers such as cowboy bebops "tank" and some other anime stuff so I'll keep ya'll updated on that shit. Stay gay you fags.



2009-06-17 21:33:51 by Metaljonus

So I finally finished the drums fucking took forever. Still looking for someone to do clean vocals (I know you are out there!) Danny did the bass and sound great. Be sure to check out the clip I have up already. I'll upload one that is a lil longer later.



Opeth Cover!

2009-06-15 22:09:30 by Metaljonus

So I am doing the Opeth track "deliverance", and its going to be pretty sweet. I already have all of the rhythms recorded except the cleans. I am needing a bass player and someone who can do the clean singing. So if you are game let me know.



2009-06-15 01:51:50 by Metaljonus

Hows everyone doing?


2009-06-03 19:57:31 by Metaljonus

So I got some new programs and will be posting alot of different video game themes. Since they are only test subjects so I can get used to the programs/plug ins. Is'nt that what I am good at eh eh?? nah I suck lol well just wanted to keep ya'll updated. YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWW!

*rides away into the sunset*


oh yeah I forgot to say some of the theme will be redone metal as hell and some won't so keep that in mind.


2009-05-25 16:35:36 by Metaljonus

Check em out up above

ff7battle theme
sonic2 ending theme

and also check out my original
into the darkness its total pwnage!



2009-05-24 22:39:10 by Metaljonus

Check out meh brutal remix of the ending theme for sonic 2



2009-05-09 19:00:31 by Metaljonus

So it seems I got some haters out there voting low on my music. I personally don't care but if you are going to vote low at least leave a review as to why you are voting low let me know what is wrong with the music and a little more constructive crit would be helpful. But hey its the fucking internet anything goes, so fuck those who vote low and don't leave a proper review. Go fuck your mothers and play in traffic for all I care. If you can't appreciate good music then click the back button don't be a dickhead. Thanks!



2009-04-28 17:14:45 by Metaljonus

So I am in the process of recording a couple albums, one is with my friend towermonolith(check out his stuff) And the other is my own personal one. I have a drummer who will be playing on it. So its not going to be all fake like. I don't really have a date for when they will be coming out but it will be later this year maybe early next year. There will be redone songs from my page and some of the newer stuff I've posted and some brand new stuff. So I will keep you all up to date on that shit.



4 new songs

2009-04-17 21:52:16 by Metaljonus

In the past month or so I've put up four new tracks ya'll check em out!